Asian arts

For over one hundred years the Kunstmuseum Den Haag has collected Chinese porcelains. This collection is part of the encyclopedic overview the museum wishes to offer of certain core collections of ceramic history, including as well Dutch Delftware and Islamic ceramics. As one of the first museum in the Netherlands, the Kunstmuseum purchased funerary wares in the 1920s, which were at that time discovered in large numbers in China. At present the collection of Chinese ceramics includes circa 2.000 objects, dating from the Han and Tang dynasties to the late 19th century. From this later period the charger made for Empress Regent Cixi is one of the highlights.

Another rare item within the collection is the large fish bowl that was acquired in 1959. It is decorated to illustrate the porcelain production process in Jingdezhen. The enamelled scenes provide a wonderful overview of the complex work of the Chinese potters, such as kneeding of the clay, shaping the objects, turning them on the wheel, drying on racks, glazing and painting of the items, placing them in protective firing cases and firing them in the oven.

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