City Meets Museum

A warm welcome to all residents of The Hague

Have you ever been to Kunstmuseum Den Haag?
Past the ponds, behind the yellow brick walls of the building on Stadhouderslaan lies an extraordinary world. Our building was designed to give visitors the experience of passing through a beautiful forest of art, leaving the cares of everyday life behind for a while. A place to relax, but also a place to discover new and exciting things. The museum has a different effect on each of us. Stroll among the art, making your own way through the building, either alone or with others.

Kunstmuseum Den Haag is here for everyone, but particularly for the people of The Hague. We would therefore be delighted to welcome you to the museum. Since 2009 we have been running our City Meets Museum for anyone who wishes to discover the museum. All the activities in the programme are intended as a gift to enable local residents to get to know the museum better, and to strengthen our ties with the city. This year, the programme has been adapted to comply with the coronavirus measures, and this autumn we will be coming to you!

Under the title Home from Home, this autumn you will have the opportunity to attend fun activities organised by Kunstmuseum Den Haag in your very own neighbourhood. Lectures and workshops will give you a chance to learn more about the museum and the art you can see there. But of course the best place to experience art is at the museum itself. We will therefore also be handing out leaflets with free tickets. If you don’t want to come alone, why not invite a neighbour, friend or relative?

Go to your local community centre or library to see if an activity has already been scheduled for your neighbourhood. If there’s nothing planned as yet, read on to discover how you can get the museum to come to your neighbourhood.

Will you help us invite more people to the museum?

We are always looking for new ways of forging ties between Kunstmuseum Den Haag and the people of The Hague. Would you like to help us reach more people, and invite your neighbourhood to the museum? Do you have a fantastic idea we really need to hear, or a unique view we should know about? Join us, and become an ambassador for our City Meets Museum programme.

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More information

If you have any questions, please contact Jolanda van Zijl:

Our City Meets Museum programme receives generous sponsorship from Kunstmuseum Den Haag’s Mondrian Business Club.