23 September 2017 till 28 January 2018



Uta Eisenreich (b. 1971) will flirt with Dada and De Stijl in our Projects Gallery. Her scientific-looking still lifes are built on a sense of logic and universal order, and their structure is linear and precise. But we also discover in her work a tendency towards complete nonsense and absurd humour, as if Mondrian’s compositions had hooked up with Schwitters’ sound poem Ursonate. Inspired by Mondrian’s abandonment of the figurative, Eisenreich explores the space between abstract and concrete forms, experimenting like a child with the potential meanings of geometric shapes and lines and sounds. Is there a grey area between the world of the abstract and the world of concrete meaning? Optical illusions also play a major role in Eisenreich’s work, as she uses them to further disrupt our already precarious powers of perception.

Uta Eisenreich, Apple, Pear (videofragment), 2017