05 February 2022 till 03 July 2022

Alphonse Mucha

Alphonse Mucha, Rêverie, 1897, colour lithograph. Copyright © 2021 Mucha Trust


They were everywhere in the late nineteenth century: ornate illustrations of elegant stylised women. One of the most influential and celebrated artists in fin-de-siècle Paris, Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939), developed a distinctive style that has become synonymous with Art Nouveau. This spring, Kunstmuseum Den Haag will be showing a large selection of his work, in collaboration with the Mucha Foundation.

The exhibition will also feature work from the museum’s own collection. ‘It’s fantastic for us at Kunstmuseum Den Haag to be able to combine the master of Art Nouveau, Alphonse Mucha, with some special items from our own collection’, says director Benno Tempel. ‘His popular posters and illustrations, alongside colourful glass and spectacular costumes from the late nineteenth century, will give a unique impression of Alphonse Mucha’s Paris. The exhibition will also highlight his influence on pop culture in the 1960s and 70s.’

This exhibition is made in collaboration with the Mucha Foundation