20 October 2012 till 06 January 2013

Bridget Riley - Sikkens Prize 2012

Bridget Riley - Sikkens Prize 2012

Bridget Riley - Blaze 4

This autumn, in one of the Berlage building’s most beautiful galleries, originally the Gemeentemuseum’s sculpture gallery, British artist Bridget Riley (b. London, 1931) will draw a mural almost twenty metres long. The project will mark the fact that, this year, Riley has been awarded the prestigious Sikkens Prize for the consistency with which she has used colour in her work over the past five decades. The purity, subtlety and precision of her use of colour have given rise to a sensational oeuvre that has inspired a new generation of artists.

At the same time, Riley has shown that she is capable of reaching a wide audience with her abstract work. She became known throughout the world in 1965 when she took part in MoMA New York’s famous exhibition The Responsive Eye. Riley has also exhibited at the Venice Biennale and twice at Documenta in Kassel.

Bridget Riley – Sikkens Prize 2012 is an exhibition in two parts. Her most recent work will be brought together with her earliest work in the Projects Room, and recent work by Riley will be shown in one of the galleries occupied by the Mondrian & De Stijl exhibition, to highlight her direct relationship with Mondrian