14 July 2020 till 01 September 2020

Chambers of Wonder

Wander, discover, play, learn and be completely amazed. Our Chambers of Wonder allow visitors both young and old to immerse themselves in an inspiring world of fine art, photography, decorative art, architecture and fashion. For many years this concept – which has won a number of international awards – has offered the Kunstmuseum’s younger visitors something more than a traditional museum visit. After an update, Chambers of Wonder 3.0 opened  in mid-February 2019. The museum game includes a unique mix of digital and hands-on challenges in thirteen thematic rooms based around an exciting new maze. Inspired by art, players set to work as designers, creating their own 14th Chamber of Wonder.

In Wonderkamers beleef je iets bijzonders. Aan de hand van een spannende verhaallijn ga je als bezoeker samen met enkele ‘Wonderkids’ op avontuur. Via een tablet geven zij je opdrachten – in het Nederlands of in het Engels - die worden uitgevoerd in een van de dertien tot de verbeelding sprekende wonderkamers. Die opdrachten zijn heel verschillend. Zo wordt er gedanst met Mondriaan, nagedacht over de waarde van kunst en ervaren hoe het is om te stralen op de catwalk. Daarna kom je terecht in het totaal vernieuwde centrale gedeelte met als middelpunt een spannend, spectaculair vormgegeven labyrint. Elke speler kiest drie inspirerende kunstwerken, in en om het labyrint, om vervolgens als ontwerper aan de slag te gaan en zelf een (digitale) veertiende wonderkamer te ontwerpen.


The perfect day out for the whole family: educational, exciting, fun and above all, no admission fee for children

‘Chambers of Wonder really is a unique experience’, says director Benno Tempel. ‘An exciting new storyline will take visitors on an adventure, along with some “Wonderkids”. They will be given tasks to complete – in Dutch or in English – via a tablet, and they will perform them in one of the thirteen appealing new Chambers of Wonder. Eventually they will arrive in a completely revamped central section where they will find an exciting maze based on a spectacular design.’

Keep surprising

The players will perform a number of very varied tasks: dancing with Mondrian, thinking about the value of art, and experiencing what it is like to shine on the catwalk. Each player will then be allowed to choose three inspiring works of art in and around the maze, and design their own (virtual) fourteenth Chamber of Wonder. The thirteen spaces where the tasks are performed were completely revamped five years ago, and will be updated for the new version. A number of technical adjustments have for example been made that will allow some tasks to be performed better and more quickly. ‘But to keep surprising people, we also have to innovate from time to time’, says Tempel. ‘It’s just like an amusement park, in fact, where a spectacular new attraction is added every now and then. That is what we’re doing now with the maze, in combination with a new storyline. I’m looking forward to welcoming lots of families, grandparents with their grandchildren and school groups to the museum, to experience Chambers of Wonder 3.0.’

Familiarising children with art

The Kunstmuseum’s goal is to bring modern art – both contemporary and classic modern art – to the attention of a wider audience. Chambers of Wonder is an ideal way of familiarising children from around the age of nine with art. Players can set the duration themselves, and the game can be adjusted to the level of the players for visits by school groups. Besides being fun and educational, Chambers of Wonder is also an inexpensive day out. Admission is free for children aged 18 and under, and if their parents or grandparents have a museum pass (Museumkaart), the visit costs nothing.

Chambers of Wonder is being redesigned in collaboration with Kossmann.dejong exhibition architects, Kiss the Frog, Rapenburg Plaza and Tungsten.