Discover the modern

In the exhibition called Discover the modern you will find masterpieces from the Kunstmuseum’s world famous modern art collection. From Monet to Mondrian. From Kandinsky to Bacon. Walk among the stars of the international art history and unique works of today's top artists, such as Marlene Dumas and Tjebbe Beekman.

Discover the modern is not a presentation in chronological order, but it brings together works from different periods, art movements and disciplines. You will discover lines in the 20th Century art history, stories and dialogues between works of art and artists from different decades and from around the globe. How were Minimal Art artists, such as Donald Judd, influenced by Mondrian? What have the poignant paintings of Francis Bacon in common with the sculptures of the Berlinde Bruyckere? And what is the connection between the expressionism of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and the layered portraits of Marlene Dumas?

A journey past the highlights of the modern history of art.

The exhibition gives an insight into the personal way in which world-famous artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Egon Schiele, Pablo Picasso and Louise Bourgeois, looked at the world. Walking along the works of art, you will see for yourself the virtuoso manner in which they painted or shaped the world. You will experience doubts, struggles, exuberance, sensuality and quests for a utopia or a playful ingenuity. Even the greatest art expert will not soon grow tired of this journey through the personal side of modern art.        

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