City Meets Museum

Kunstmuseum Den Haag is here for everyone, but particularly for the people of The Hague. Our City Meets Museum programme, which is intended for people from all parts of the city, was launched in 2009. We offer community day trips, group visits and all kinds of specially designed cultural activities, from small guided tours and workshops, to large events for the entire community. The community evenings are by far the best-known element of the programme. Every neighbourhood – from Laak to Escamp, and from Scheveningen to Loosduinen – is invited to a free evening of events at the museum at least once a year. We always work with people and organisations that are important in the community, from local libraries to caring neighbours, from community centres to shopkeepers. Would you like to become an ambassador for your own neighbourhood or are you interested in the programme as an professional? Click below for more information.