Virtual tours

During the first lockdown, we organized virtual tours through the deserted exhibition halls to still bring you close to our art. This page lists all the tours that have already taken place.

Art & Coffee - Paula Rego
Rewatch our Art & Coffee with Cathelijne Blok from feminist art platform The Tittymag and curator Yasmijn Jarram on the exhibition of Paula Rego.

Watch the tours with English subtitles

  • This time again, Doede Hardeman, Head of Collections, will take you on a journey of discovery through "Discover the Modern". He tells you the special story behind Picasso's two cubist works.

  • Have you ever been to our Dijsselhof Room? This unique space is concealed by a protective curtain, so you might have passed it without knowing, even though it has been part of the museum ever since it opened in 1935. In fact, Berlage was specifically instructed to incorporate the room into his design for the museum. Luckily, thanks to Jan de Bruijn, curator of modern decorative arts and design, we can now enjoy this superb art nouveau interior from the comfort of our own homes. His virtual tour takes us back in time, highlighting all the beautiful, bespoke details.

  • After her previous successful tour Breitner vs Israels, curator Frouke van Dijke takes you along her favorites from the Hague School.

  • In our fourth virtual tour head of collections Doede Hardeman, shows you the rooms of "Discover the modern". He took us along the great names of modern art history. From Kandinsky to Toorop, from Monet to Kirchner: the tour took us past his personal favorites and some new acquisitions.


  • In our third virtual tour curator Willemijn van der Zwaan shows you to the exhibition of living legend Eddy Posthuma de Boer.

    • 'Walk' through the permanent exhibition Mondriaan & De Stijl in our second virtual tour. Director Benno Tempel takes you through some of his own favorite works by Piet Mondriaan (1872-1944).

    • Our exhibition "Breitner vs Israels" is desolated. In exceptional cases, the museum doors opened today for curator Frouke van Dijke. On the 18th of March, she recorded a virtual tour of the exhibition. We hope that everyone can still enjoy this beautiful story!